Impossible Things

Sitting due West
on the lookout
above Lake Tahoe,
I saw a comet
and a lunar eclipse.

These are not impossible things:
just ice and dust
hurtling around us,
shooting out fantails as splayed
as ecstatic fingers;
just the dark full
shadow of all of us,
at once,  resting
against the full,  pocked moon.

In my dream,
two men I once loved
in the same landscape.
I am never
next to either,  but hopping
through wild scenes
desperate to catch
one,  or the other.
I can still imagine the soles
of their shoes as they faded
from the picture.
And I just let them go.

I would have hoped
to save one for later.
But I lifted my eyes
Northeast,  and then Northwest,
following both,
shifting my head
back and forth,
never knowing
what to look at,
which to hold.


Copyright 2011,  Jessica Barksdale

Jessica Barksdale is the author of twelve novels (some under Jessica Inclan).   She is a professor of English at Diablo Valley College and teaches online novel writing for UCLA Extension. Her website is

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