Josie makes whiskey, scorching
Hearts. A man who came searching

For gold but settled for copper
Plays viola at dusk, while garnet

Bleeds from the walls of the canyon.

Tonight sheíll make love to himó
They both know heís a stand-in.

Not yet diseased, the elm
Deepens the dark of the cabin.

Copyright 2006,  Claudia Putnam

Claudia Putnamís work has recently appeared in Penumbra, GW Review, and Facets, and is forthcoming in Artful Dodge. She has twice been a finalist in Glimmer Train contests, and her book-length collection was a semi-finalist in the 2002 Tupelo Press poetry contest. She taught writing for three years at the University of Colorado and was a past Ragdale Foundation fellow. In August, Claudia took a master class with Marvin Bell at Pacific Lutheran University.


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